Charcoal Grills: Edging Over Electric Grills?

Barbecuing meat and seafood is a big part of many cuisines all over the world. For many, barbecuing is a hobby. The methods used to barbecue meat have undergone a change over the past couple of decades. With the advent of electric smokers and grills, the traditional charcoal grill has been pushed to the back burner. While an electric or propane smoker may be easier to use, there is a reason why the good old charcoal grill has stuck around. Beginners to the world of barbecue might think charcoal grills are too much of a hassle and an electric smoker is a much better option but this isn’t strictly true.

The following points explain why the charcoal grill is still the best way to BBQ:

  • Temperature

Now, the main reason most people are switching to electric smokers is because the temperature can be easily controlled by the user. However, charcoal grill accessories are much better suited as they can sustain high temperatures of 500-700 degrees. The high temperature ensures that the meat is cooked inside and out. For all the steak lovers out there, a charcoal grill is the only BBQ appliance that can give you the perfect steak with a crispy exterior and a warm, red center. Also, a charcoal grill cooks the meat slowly, which keeps the meat moist and tender for a longer time.

  • Better Flavor

All experienced barbecue lovers swear by charcoal grills. This is because an electric or gas grill cannot give you that rich, smoky barbecue flavor that a charcoal grill can. The distinct smoky flavor you get from a charcoal grill is lost in any other barbecue method.

  • Portability

Charcoal grills are perfect for outdoor barbecue picnics at the park, while camping or even in your own backyard. Unlike electric grills, they do not need to be plugged in and so you can easily set it up and barbecue meat even when you are on the move.

  • Cost

Charcoal grills are by far the least expensive type of BBQ appliance. If you are a beginner to barbecuing and do not want to shell out too much on your first grill, a charcoal grill is a way to go.

  • The Process

Barbecuing on a charcoal grill does take more time and attention compared to the newer grills out there. But for those who enjoy the process of barbecuing, nothing can compare to the charcoal grill. A charcoal grill can be great for an all-day outdoor barbecue party. Also, the process of barbecuing using a charcoal grill ensure that the nutrients in the meat are retained, making it a healthy option.

Charcoal grills also have to be handled with a lot of care. These guidelines by MIT are really helpful to put safety concerns to bed.

The charcoal grill is a favorite among barbecue connoisseurs due to the amazing, unique flavor it imparts to the meat. It has been used for centuries past and is still used by professional chefs as well as amateur barbecue enthusiasts. While it may not offer the push-button convenience offered by newer BBQ appliances, it will continue to remain a favorite with barbecue lovers all over the world.

Here’s a great video by MrCrestliner1850 on charcoal grilling that you’re bound to enjoy!

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