Grilled leek vinaigrette

Leeks after the entire patch of winter season they are sweet and mellow and thus particularly taste amazingly fantastic in spring. 

An easy to make a healthy, flavourful dish is now here.

Get started with a spring salad to be tossed perfectly with your lunch or dinner or even as an evening snack.

Without wasting much time, collect all the ingredients- 8-10 leeks (which looks similar to asparagus, salt, vinegar, olive oil, mustard and some freshly grounded peppers.

So let’s begin.

Initially rinse the leeks properly to dust the sand out of them or can even leave them in water for a while so they get cleaned completely. Cut aside the dark green ends from the leeks and keep them aside. (They can be used later on for other things.) Now cut them lengthwise from the top to bottom by using a sharp knife. Fill one bowl with cold water, keep it aside and take a pan to boil water in it,  add leeks and salt it well. For about 4-5 minutes blanch the leeks well until they are tender. The moment you feel they are tender, immediately transfer them into the iced-cold water that you had kept aside earlier. Once they are cold, drain the water, dry them and keep them aside. The leeks till this step can also be done a day before.

Next step is to combine mustard and vinegar in a small bowl. Slowly, add olive and oil to the combination and whisk it well to form a vinaigrette. Whisk it so it becomes a bit thick and adds the seasonings, salt, and pepper. Bring forth the leeks you kept aside and brush them very lightly with some vinaigrette and place them on a griller pan or the griller tray. Grill them for about 2-3 minutes till they are hot and can be seen as perfectly grilled with some grilled marks. It’s better if you could marinate the leeks for about 3-5 hours or even over-night. Longer the marinated, more tender and tastier it will be. Remove them from the grill, serve at room temperature, with the remaining vinaigrette and enjoy! You can even garnish it with some basil or parsley.

Tip – if you serve this with some roasted chicken or grilled vegetables and bacon, you just add leeks and vinaigrette but if you serve this as a proper lunch or main course meal, you should add some eggs or bacon.You are even free to add grated radish while serving the dish.

One can also toss the marinated leeks with some bell pepper and onions, the same marinades in the vinaigrette.

And can even brush the grilled leeks with soya sauce.

An interesting tip can be to prepare leeks 1 day ahead and cover them and chill or put them in an air tight container. But remember to bring the leeks to room temperature before serving them.

 An amazing dish for the vegetarians. Leeks vinaigrette is simply a classic.

Come on, wear your chef’s hats and start on!

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