The Best Grilling Advices: Demystified!

Pellet grills are one of the hottest trends in the industry, offering consumers the primal flavor of wood smoke coupled with the turn-of-a-knob convenience of gas, which is the primary reason for the surge in popularity of pellet grills. Of all the different smoker designs available, pellet smokers are the easiest to use, because they are thermostatically controlled, just like the kitchen stove. The pellet meat smoker tries to combine the convenience of the electric and propane meat smokers with the flavor of the charcoal smoker. The pellet smoker provides a deeper smoky flavor in a very convenient manner.

Here are some important tips to use a pellet grill like a professional:

Pellets to Use

Fuel it with food-grade wood pellets, which is about an inch long and 0.25 inch wide, composed of compressed hardwood sawdust. With the exception of vegetable oils to aid the extrusion process or carry flavor, the pellets contain no additives. They burn cleanly, leaving remarkably little ash.

Pressure and Temperature

The sawdust should be subjected to high pressure and heat, which would activate lignin – a natural glue in wood.

Safety against Electric Shocks

Since a pellet smoker has to have electricity to run, it is a good idea to use a ground fault interrupter. It will protect you from a shock hazard and may also help save your equipment in case of a ground current.

Outdoor Settings

You may set up the pellet smoker on a covered wooden deck, which would allow you to use it in any weather. This might not be the best example for a safe cooking set-up, so you could keep a fire extinguisher handy or a water spigot next to the deck. You could also enhance the safety measures by having the smoker set up on a fireproof mat.

Reducing the Possibility of a Grease Fire

When you cook over 300 degrees F, there might be a slight chance of grease fire. It can be prevented by using the gas grill for searing. Also, keep the smoker clean, vacuum out and change the foil on the drip pan regularly.

Cooling before Shutting Down

The oxygen could burn back into the tube and if it ever got into the pellet bin, it could cause a nasty fire and damage the smoker as well. Therefore, it is recommended that you don’t shut down after a 250 degree or hotter cook. You could turn the setting to 180 degrees and let it cool down before shutting down.

Use a Combination of Pellet Flavors

Pellets come in a variety of flavors – hickory, pecan, alder, mesquite, cherry, apple, maple, bourbon, etc., and can be mixed or changed in minutes, which helps to improve the taste of food to a great extent.

Increasing the Amount of Caramelization

You can improve the caramelization you get on the outside of food by preheating a cast iron grill grate, skillet, griddle, or plancha directly on the grill grate for 20 minutes before cooking.

Keep the Pellet Grill in Dry Environment

If exposed to moisture, pellet fuels will disintegrate. People who live in damp climates must keep their pellets dry, and indoors in airtight containers.

Don’t Crowd the Grill

If you add too many items to the grill, there would be no place to move the food, and it may also cause flare-ups. The more you add to the grill, the more heat you remove from the grates, which means the meat would steam instead of developing the desired grill marks and the end results would be terrible.

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