The Green Side of Electric Smokers

Cooking meat by smoking is an old-age tradition and is still very popular. The introduction of electric smokers has paved the way for people to enjoy smoked meats with relative ease and comfort. Set it and forget it. That’s the main attraction to electric smokers, and one of the most important one.

Apart from providing a very pleasant performance, electric smoker makes use of electricity, rather than fuel gas which makes it an environment friendly product. These machines are progressively designed to minimize energy use and have less of an impact on the environment. They use manufacturing processes that are less energy-intensive than traditional methods and even use renewable materials. Various other features and characteristics of electric smoker that contribute to its eco-friendly nature are as follows:

  • Safety

Unlike gas smokers, the electric smoker does not need fire to produce smoke. Hence, it is a better and safer option in places where open flames pose a danger.

  • Tight Door Seal

It has a nice and tight door seal, to make sure that the cooking environment is perfect for a good meal flavour. This also prevents any leakage of smoke into the atmosphere.

  • Efficient and Monitored Heating

There is a high-powered heating element ideal for smoking an enormous amount of meals quite conveniently. There are also meat temperature probes that will monitor the cooking temperature so that the meat is not overcooked. The most amazing part of the heating is that the outer part of the device remains cool even when the temperature is high inside.

  • Well-Structured Body

Some electric smokers consist of a cylindrical smoking chamber and a separate combustion chamber. The fire is lighted in the combustion chamber, while the heat and smoke are made to enter the smoking chamber via small pipes where the food absorbs the flavour from the smoke before it finally escapes the chamber. This separate chamber for combustion makes them safer and less susceptible to cause environmental problems.

  • No¬†Use of Charcoal

Electric smokers do not require anything extra to operate, other than electricity. There is no need of charcoal or wood pellets, whose burning could lead to serious environmental issues.

  • Use of a Renewable Energy Source

Electricity is the primary operational component of electric smoker. It is a renewable source of energy, which is available in abundance. Moreover, a majority of electric smokers do not use much electricity. They can be operated without having to worry about incurring high electric bills.

  • Cleaner Source of Energy

Electricity is a far safer as well as cleaner source of energy than propane and charcoal. It also infers that the food will have fewer impurities. The flavour of food will be enhanced and also, the smoke emitted will have less pollutants.

  • Leave Little Residue

After smoking of meat is finished, there is very little waste left to clean up. It is because the electric smoker is very efficient and uses up less fuel.

Thus, try to adopt an eco-minded thinking when buying a smoker next time, and choose from a wide range of electric smokers available in the market.

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